2016 International STEM® Science Festival &

K12 STEM® Course Construction and Lab Equipment Exhibition


Education and scientific research departments, technology and equipment departments, schools, science and education companies from home and abroad, STEM education related institutions and research institutes:

  2016 International STEM® Science Festival will be held in Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, on July 17-July 20.

  Focusing on the STEM theme, four-day urban technological innovation education experience and exhibition, academic seminars on STEM course construction and lab equipment, consulting services for STEM course construction and lab equipment, and course implementation, will be held during the International STEM® Science Festival.

   For the International STEM® Science Festival, experts and front-line teachers in STEM curriculum development and lab equipment from China, US, Britain, Germany, Finland, and renowned STEM service enterprises, will be invited to discuss with participants. Excellent report, exhibition, dialogue and interaction will become the main part.

   The International STEM® Science Festival aims to provide a brand new learning concept, methods and field experience to K-12 students; set up a platform for summit dialogue and exchange between schools, teaching and research departments, equipment department and other relevant MOE departments; provide real scene experience as well as a platform for first-class STEM service companies at home and abroad to demonstrate and communicate with schools, professionals and administrative leaders.

   Details are as follows:

   1. Development status and trends of international STEM

   2. Exhibition of STEM curriculum and lab solutions

   3. Course experience with STEM theme and K-12 student challenge

   4. Teacher training of STEM course implementation

  This STEM® science festival is open to community, students and parents. We sincerely invite you and your team members come to experience, interact and watch exhibitions.

Open, interesting, innovative, high-end. Let’s together create and experience the first national feast of education on STEM theme.

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STEM® Institution of Science and Innovation Development at XJTLU

  June, 2016

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